What am I working on next

Does this count as an Electric Screwdriver ?

Analog Wave Twister

This project is now completed, well version 1 is but it's still too large and did not turn out as useful as I intended,  Waveforms look interesting on the oscilloscope but do not work so well in the audio world. Back to the drawing board.

The Yusynth steiner filter ( completed )

Well I have already made the Moog Ladder from the YuSynth website now I am working on the Steiner filter though theres a few problems with the self oscillation with the resonance. for no reason it seems to hit incredibly high frequencies and Dogs from every corner of the neighbourhood must hear this noise. However that is now completed so onto the next project.

Have another go at anodising aluminium.

my last attempt turned out well below what I think I could achieve. do you know how difficult it is to buy good sulfuric acid in england without getting that suspicious look given to you. Besides It is easier cheaper and safer to just buy aluminium panels already anodised.


Does this count as an Electric Screwdriver ?