What interests me ?

My music collection is the strangest mix

I have no preference to the style of music i listen to. everyday is different, as I write this i'm listening to beethovens 5th and realising that the music starts with 3 short notes then one long note . . . _  well if thats translated into morse code then its the letter V and that letter V in roman numerals means 5 which is the 5th beethoven symphony. thats how my mind works, I see patterns in everything. I can understand Dustin Hoffman when Tom Cruise drops a box of matches on the floor in the movie Rain Man.

 yesterday i was listening to pink floyd. the day before it was vangelis then prince then Jarre then Stevie Wonder. tomorrow it could be bob marley or eminem. Classical rock reggae pop electronic it's all music and there is bad and good in every style but you have to listen without prejudice, That way you will find something new every day.


I realised my interest in electronics when I was just 7 years old ( that was1973). I was given an AM radio at christmas and to change the batteries meant removing the whole back cover, You could see all those components of different shapes and colours and I could not understand how the music worked it's way through the little wires and up to the small white mono earpiece. As I was bought up in a childrens home there was several staff that I could ask about how this works and only one knew anything about electronics and explained things to me in a way that a child could sort of understand. then a few days later he loaned me a book that was mainly about valve's (vacuum tubes) with some circuits on radio's. I understood nothing at all that I read but the pictures looked interesting and I went through the book over and over again until I started to get some idea. then for my birthday I chose a radio shack electronics kit and I am still learning new things today.

other things not relevant to this website

I like Astronomy, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, anything to do with Science really.

I do not own or watch terestrial television. All my viewing is on Youtube, Amazon or Netflix.

My Favourite celebrities are Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan. and Just about anyone who gives a little scientific knowledge to the world.

A few of my Instruments

Moog System 55 +


A behemoth of a synthesizer that never gives you the sound that you were aiming for but instead helps you create something you have never heard before."+?" because im adding to it

Yamaha Genos


Incredible all in one instrument for when you just want to get the music made

Roland System 8


Lightweight simple to use and everything well laid out

Akai MPC-X


Very powerful sequencer / sampler and I have still yet to learn this beast.

Yamaha QY-700


Old but still an incredibly versatile sequencer & sound unit

Kimbara FS-1007 guitar


Although I have several guitars, Lead, Acoustic and Bass I seem to play them all equally as bad but this Kimbara is certainly my favourite

Crumar Multiman-s


Maybe one of the best sounding string machines I have ever heard. though it needs regular servicing.

Haven Traveller


Why is this called a traveller ?, you could not travel anywhere with it, this is so heavy it would sink the Titanic. and always needs work doing to it.

Piano (not mine though)


A pure Analog keyboard. This belongs to my best friend who is a very talented player.



Nobody seems to like my Violin playing, they say its audible torture. They obviously don't understand good music (ahem)



Same as my Violin, useful for when you want your guests to leave.

synth session with Eddie

Apollo , synth music session

Another day of synthesizer fun. Jason Lee aka Organaut on youtube came up with a nice set of chords on the Crumar multiman-s  string machine. we recorded a session with Dan and called it Skylab which was pretty good but the recording was not. So we had another go at it quite some time later with Eddie and added some new ideas and it turned out better than I was hoping for. heres the video. we decided to call out band JEM as in Jason Eddie Markus but then found out theres already a band called JEM so we need to find a new name.


I like to spend time with friends

sometimes monday is SynthClub day and a few friends get together to make some noise, occasionally something quite unexpected and interesting happens and there are no rules patterns or even key to play in. things just work without any planning.

Soundcloud account markusfuller

I rarely place my music on soundcloud but heres something I made in a day hence the name "don't waste the day"