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Instrument Repairs

I like to buy old & broken instruments from Car-Boot sales around Brighton and enjoy attempting to repair them. theres always something new to learn and something good to share on youtube but it is getting harder to find the right things to repair.

Basic Electronics

Although I have qualifications in electronics a lot has moved on since I gathered those certificates. electronics is a forever evolving magical world and I am always battling to learn new things. maybe thats why I mainly stick to older instruments as I find them easier to understand.


I compose lots of music and have many hours worth on my computers, I wake up with an entire orchestra playing something I have never heard before in my head but getting that written down in some way is the hardest thing. I spend many hours trying to recreate it in the best way I can but almost always feel its not finished and not good enough for others to hear yet . If only I could share with you what I hear in my head. Steiner filter

This was a bit of a pain to complete and get it all setup and trimmed but it is completed and sounds quite nice though a little aggressive as steiner filters are.


Building another panel for the Moog Modular synthesizer. This one is based on the Bob Moog ladder filter but has had a few updates added by Yves Usson (YuSynth). I just added a second output and a second control level input potentiometer but the circuit design is YuSynth

favourite Music recreated using synthesizers

The first piece of music that caught my attention was Danse Macabre when I was at Junior school in Ashford-in-the-Water Derbyshire. the teacher would play a record to us in the morning and on hearing this I was instantly in love with music. I have not done a very good job of this but it was an exercise in memory and if I could remember all the parts. no Midi files or score was used (i cannot read or write music anyway).


I enjoy the Youtube community, so many people taking time to share knowledge and give a little something freely to the world. I spend money and several days to make a short video, I will never earn back the cost that I have put into video making but when someone takes the time to comment and say a simple Thank you or you have helped someone else to fix something with your video then thats all the payment I could possible want.

Anyone with a Synth has to try Jarre or Vangelis

OK this is my attempt 

at Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene 2. played live on the Korg Kronos.